I Have Moved!

Well this is awkward, you came here for a new post but there is none. GASP! That is because I finally decided to upgrade. But don’t you worry I have moved all my old posts with me. You’ll find some new changes but I promise you’ll like them 🙂 Go ahead, hop on over to … More I Have Moved!

Summer Daily Spread

Summer has started so I while I have been searching for a second job to do something useful with all of my new free time, I have also been spending countless hours on the internet. Before the summer, I would get all of my bullet journal inspiration mostly from Tumblr, where I first discovered the … More Summer Daily Spread

Presentation Tips

Finals are here! Yes aguably the most dreadful week of the semester has arrived. Not only do students everywhere have to cram a semester worth on information into their heads, but there are long final papers to be written, and presentations to be given. Now this last one is one I can kind of judge … More Presentation Tips


YESTERDAY I GRADUATED! I am still super excited and am still a little in shock that I did so well. Here is a quick recap of my day and also a little bragging of all my achievements of these past two years. I started off the day going to the Honors Recognition Brunch with my … More Graduation